#Aventuri Rules

[In English]-[In Romanian]

These rules were made by Protos and Naukusti, Some of the rules are adapted from the #Helsinki webpages.
Please read the rules and follow them , that's why they're presented!

1. Operators are expected to behave in a dignified and appropriate manner.

2. Users that continue disturbing other users despite given warnings, will be removed.

3. Ads(advertisements) are not tolerated on the channel.
Advertising on the channel will result in an immediate removal from the channel.

4. Do not /msg, /query, /dcc or /ctcp the operators or the manager without asking for it in the channel first.

5. Breaking any of these rules results in a warning unless told otherwise. Three warnings results in a removal from the channel. Further warnings will result in a ban.

6. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated on #Aventuri

7. If a domain or host has recieved a certain amount of warnings, it should be banned.

8. An operator must follow these rules too(with a few exceptions). Abusing the operator status will result in beeing deopped.

9. Access is to be given by Trusted Admins & The Manager ONLY , Admins must ask a trusted admin before giving access to anyone.

10. The Principal Admin reserves the right to suspend any Admins/Operators NOT following these rules.

11. The manager has all rights to change the rules without explicit explanations.